Bespoke Metal finishing and art work (Applied onto most substrates)

We have put much time into creating bespoke art pieces for clients with a taste for something extravagant that will have all astounded.

As seen on the pictures our clients can request one of styled pieces to match their own persona. We will then guide you through choices of metals and finishes desired. With the ability to mix metals to create a unique colour metal.

We can match most types of bespoke metal finishes, send us a photo of your finish and we will be able to provide a matched sample.

This truly becomes a talking piece for all spectators; many clients have placed pieces to create a great topic of conversation.

We also provide our bespoke finishes for all furniture pieces, whether you have existing furniture or a new product that needs something special. With the ability to create a vast array of different textures and gloss levels.

Our metal finishes can be coated to act as a solid metal piece or protect them from the elements to eliminate natural causes. Finishing a piece with iron or brass we can speed up the aging process to create rusted affects.

With a high metal content this coating is very durable and can be use in most environments. With the ability to apply metal coatings to mainly any substrate (wood, glass, ceramic, metal, brick e.t.c)

With such a high metal content our metal coating has been recognised as a great application for areas which can be subject to bacteria growth. Meaning hospitals, kitchens or any high risk areas can benefit from a metal sprayed finish that kills bacteria. Ongoing studies on anti-microbial effects in hospitals with a Bacterial Killing Rate of 99,9% within 2 hours for Copper and Brass.

The metal coating if not top coated reaches a class A or class 1 fire rating.

 Contact us now to discuss your requirements.