Wood Spraying

Automarine supply lacquering services to private customers through to large businesses. From lacquering one off items through to batch processing “we can cater for all requirements.”

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Wood Spraying

You can be assured that Automarine are the right company to undertake practically any lacquering job. We have vast experience and knowledge in all types of lacquering processes, having specific processes for certain wood types, exterior products and interior products.

Lacquer types available:

  • Polyurethane lacquer – top coat finishes in all gloss levels and colours with special finishing capabilities.
  • Polyester lacquer – We use polyester to burnish for end products as well as for a base coat, depending on what spec our clients require.
  • Acrylic lacquer – top coat finishes in all gloss levels and colours
  • Epoxy lacquer systems –  We provide our specialist application
  • Wood Staining and colour matching
  • Metal finishes – applied to most finishes
  • We can match almost any finish and texture you may require

Tabu Veneer Lacquering

Tabu veneers are a very popular choice for creating new and innovative furniture. Automarine are proud to have worked with a vast array of tabu veneers. Enabling us to offer clients complete peace of mind and confidence for a faultless job.

Specialist processes enable us to lacquer these tabu veneers and keep the colour clarity of the veneer. We have had an increase in other manufactures requiring our services to lacquer their tabu veneered products to maintain the veneers clarity. Potential issues for an un-experienced user are discoloration of the veneer once lacquer is applied, as well as UV degrading the colour.

Our system will minimise any discoloration and provide a strong resistance against UV light. Other lacquers or systems are not as likely to fare so well over time.

Bespoke metal finishes are available – Please view our bespoke metal finishing page.